Parents' Rights

I have led the battle in California to restore and secure parents’ rights and common sense education at the local level. And this battle is just beginning.

Schools are indoctrinating our children with ideologically driven agendas while keeping parents in the dark. Children are coming home confused about their very own identity as a result.

It’s time to demand that parents are informed about these curricula that are being taught to their children and, at a bare minimum, have a right to pull their children out of such damaging learning environments.

First enshrined in my AB 1314 bill in Sacramento — which Democrats blocked — parental notification policies are spreading through common sense communities like Chino Valley, Murrieta, Anderson Union, Temecula, Orange, and Rocklin.

Parents’ rights are the civil rights issue of our time. When voters send me back to Sacramento in 2024, building on our recent wins will be my primary objective.

Local school boards are courageously taking power from radical Democrats in LA, SF, and Sacramento and giving it back to parents. These boards face lawsuits from the state government, threats to cut funding, and blowback from the media.

As long as I am your voice in Sacramento, I will stand between radical Democrats and California families.


People are leaving the Golden State in droves. For the first time in history, there is a net out migration from this state than an in migration.


California’s destructive, out of touch leadership is leading to a degradation of our state’s public safety. We’re loosening our laws for criminals and convicts and tightening our restrictions on law enforcement.


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